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Chalkboard & Whiteboard Hybrid A-Frame Rider

Chalkboard & Whiteboard Hybrid A-Frame Rider

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Unleash the potential of your A-Frame with our Hybrid A-Frame Rider. 

One side chalkboard, one side whiteboard, use whichever side you find aesthetic to add information to your Open House Sign!


1. Two-Sided Chalkboard and Whiteboard  

2. Designed to fit most A-Frame sign models, without any additional tools or modifications required.

3. Weather-proofed black painted edges for enhanced durability in outdoor environments. 

4. Customizable for personalized messages, property details, contact information, and open house time/location

Tips & Tricks

Add the following to your sign:

1. Open House Address / Condo Unit #(Great for GPS!)

2. Open House Day & Time 

3. House Features: Square Footage, Room & Bath #’s

Approx. Dimensions:

- Length: 24 inches

- Height: 8 inches

- Width: 0.3 inches

- Weight: 1.064 lbs

Package Contents:

- 1 x Chalkboard/Whiteboard Hybrid A-Frame Rider 


Follow regulations and guidelines regarding open house signs where practiced


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